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About Us

The Mooresburg Community Association (MCA) was founded 22 years ago in 2001. Our commitment remains the same: to provide services to our Mooresburg residents which alleviate hunger, isolation, barriers to get to medical appointments, and anxiety connected to food shopping since COVID 19.


Whether an individual needs a home-delivered meal, or some time with friends making crafts, a dedicated ride to a doctor’s appointment, or items picked up from the store and delivered, MCA can help enrich the lives of our treasured neighbors.

Click here for our monthly calendar of events!

Welcome to Mooresburg, Tennessee

Mooresburg, Tennessee is located in a setting setting surrounded by green mountains and blue water. Scenic drivers appreciate the rustic beauty of this Appalachian region. However, there is very little commerce.

The Mooresburg Community Center is a place where we foster meaningful relationships and not only address hunger but also address the feelings of loneliness that occur in rural areas with little or no commerce, no industry.

Mooresburg is an unincorporated community with no municipal services. It is an historic neighborhood that is just far enough on the fringe of development that no services reach out far enough to address assistance with food.

For everyone who lives here and for those who choose to visit, you will find a serene, pastoral valley at the foot of the Clinch and Holston mountains. Mooresburg is 125 square miles of rich farmland and peaceful woodlands, and is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. We are situated on Cherokee lake, about 50 miles east of Knoxville, TN. Cherokee Lake is formed by the Holston River and its tributaries. Cherokee Lake has 30,300 acres of water surface and 463 miles of shoreline, and is one of the largest lakes in Tennessee. Cherokee Lake has several boat docks, campgrounds, and parks to visit. Quarryville Boat Ramp is the public access site to Cherokee Lake located in Mooresburg, Tennessee.

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